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Mr. B. Ramachandhiran

Mr.R. Radha

Mrs. Radha

Indirani College of Nursing had its origin in the year 2008. Devotion, Dedication and Discipline are the three principles essential for human survival. These are values inculcated as the students undergo education in various discipline. Nursing is an art and science. The art of human values are imbibed in the curriculum of nursing education. Of all the works that man does it is service to humanity is considered to be the best.

Nursing promotes service to the fellow human being and promotes physical and mental peace. We dedicate ourselves to march forward to bring out the best in the nursing field with this intention in mind this institution has set fourth its begining. I expect this institution to grow with exemplary qualities and fulfill the global need for nursing manpower. The students of nursing will learn more, achieve more and reach the goal. They will attain their ambition by undergoing the best nursing education with the best infrastructural facilities. I dedicate this institution which will join hands to meet the societal need and make India a paradise of health, wealth and prosperity. May prosperity be restored on the entire world.