Chairman's - Message


Mr. B. Ramachandhiran

Devotion, Dedication and Discipline
   Devotion to the principles and policies of the Organization.
   Dedication to the work endowed upon us.
   Discipline in the means to attain the end.

These are the principles on which we function to inculcate, induce and inspire the children of modern times to attain the ambitions of the set goal before them.

Teaching is the art of bringing out the hidden aspects of the computer of man, for all knowledge is stored in the human brain that is a super computer. It is to give a motivation and the thrill of knowing what is already existing or lying in wait to be exposed that education has been bifurcated into various divisions. It is not only the degree but the inspiration to reach the acme of a particular line of human interest that this organization is set forth. Of all the works that man does it is service to humanity that is considered the best and most sacrificial of all duties. To serve our brethren and bestow upon them both physical and mental peace. Towards this end, we dedicate ourselves with the best and latest in medicine and all aspects of it with a set of well dedicated scholars, devoted and disciplined to march forward to bring out the best in Nursing field. As the children progress and attain fame within the iota of time at their disposal to collect knowledge, I expect this institution also to grow to set an example of exemplary qualities by adjusting ourselves to the developing world and improvising the approach to enable the students to learn more, achieve more and reach the goal set forth by them for themselves and enter the world of practicality with a red carpet welcome, heads held high to compete with the best in the profession.

Inspiration to achieve. Inclination to make the best of the circumstances and indulgence to use the best of the infrastructural facilities to attain the ambition of life.

I dedicate this institution to all facets of Society to march forward, join hands and make India a Paradise of Health, Wealth and Prosperity.

May prosperity be bestowed on the entire world.