Indirani College of Nursing is promoted by Ramachandra Educational Trust, Chennai. The Chairman Shri B.RAMACHANDHIRAN is a successful industrialist and a visionary.–
  •   To prepare Nursing graduates to assure responsibilities as professional, competent Nurses and Midwives        in promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

      To conduct research studies in the areas of nursing practice.

      Prepare them to assume the role of guide, supervisor and manager in a clinical and public health setting.

      Prepare nurses to make independent decisions in nursing situations.

  •   Providing the best treatment to the people giving importance to preventive care.

      Providing quality education in medical, Dental, para-medical and nursing.

      Providing state-of-the-art facilities with sophisticated equipments and education for the benefit of people of all classes.

      Treast everyone with respect, dignity and equality.

      Foster teamwork in all facets of education and medical care.

Chairman Message


Teaching is the art of bringing out the hidden aspects of the computer man, for all knowledge is stored in the human brain that is a super computer. It is to give a motivation and the thrill ...

Principal Message


Indirani College of Nursing runs under the Ramachandra Educational Trust. It is situated in the territory of Pondicherry. . It has its inception in 2008 with a vision to upgrade the ...

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